Corquimia distributes additives and raw materials for the coating and construction industry. More than ten years to the service of manufacturers of paints, inks, varnishes and adhesives have positioned us as a supplier committed to the service we offer our customers.


Food division

Food division provides products for the food industry, coatings, preservatives, enzymes and ferments and food grade defoamers.

Life Science

Life Science

The Life Science division provides specialty chemicals for medical, orthopedic, cosmetic, detergent, water treatment and agrochemical industries. Always looking for the best demands of quality and respect for the environment Corquimia is constantly in contact with the most outstanding manufacturers of the sector to offer a wide range of products and solutions to our customers.



This division allows us to cover different industrial sectors where we distribute chemical specialties with high added value, highlighting our commitment to innovation and the new demands of the market.

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