Instability in the sector

Every day the impact of the global pandemic is reflected in many sectors,

Industrial use defoamers

The Industrial division of Corquimia presents Defoamers for industrial use of our represented ESQUIM.

Dairy Products

Our food division has dairy ingredients for the formulation of your products


Corquimia is committed to the transition from industrial paint to more ecological standards by providing raw materials for the manufacture of water-based industrial coatings.

ESQUIM DP-387A Defoamer

ESQUIM DP-387A is a universal use defoamer resistant to alkaline pH.

Capsaicin and Nonivamide

Raw materials of ecological production and high quality.

Do you want to reduce the cost of titanium dioxide in your formula?

Due to the general increase of prices on the raw materials, titanium dioxide price has increased.


Corplast-60: new plasticizer for plastic applications that requires food contact certification.

FDA Food Grade Coatings Additives

Corquimia industrial bets on the sector of coatings for the food industry


It is a silicone defoamer specially formulated for use in food processes.


Lubricant and antistatic for rotary printing machines

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